Monday, June 4, 2007

I Apologize for the Following

I need to rant.

I bought a house. I signed the purchase and sale agreement on April 22nd. We were set to close on May 31. That's 39 days. The sellers had one job during those 39 days: get the septic system inspected, and if it fails inspection, replace it. Naturally, you'd expect the sellers to do the inspection as soon as possible after the 22nd.

You'd expect wrong.

Our sellers waited until the week before closing to have the inspection done. And it failed. We still might have been able to close on time with a holdback (where the bank holds money from the sellers until they do the work), but the town engineer responsible for approving the plans was on vacation that week. Closing delayed.

I find out today that the town engineer looked at the failed report and was, and I quote, "confused." Apparently he couldn't understand why it failed. So he wants to dig up the system and take a closer look. Of course, this pushes back our closing to at least the 15th, possibly later.

All because the seller was too lazy to get the inspection done early.

Is this a serious problem? Not really. In two months, will I laugh at this? Yes. Am I super pissed right now? You betcha.
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