Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gamestop's In-Store Return Policy

Make sure to save your receipt from Gamestop! I bought an XBox 360 Black Wireless controller from them recently, and it was defective. I threw out the receipt (very uncharacteristic of me, but I figured I could exchange it if it was defective), but apparently you need a receipt even for an exchange, these days. When I got home, I attempted to find their in-store return policy online without success. I finally found an old receipt (for Halo 3 actually), so I've copied the policy below for your benefit. Note: Best Buy and Circuit City also require receipts for all returns/exchanges these days.

"Receipt required for returns/exchanges. Unopened new items can be returned/exchanged w/in 30 days. Opened new video games, new PC games & new systems can be exchanged for the identical item w/in 7 days. Opened accessories & all used items can be returned/exchanged w/in 7 days."

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