Saturday, August 2, 2008

Current To-Do List

  • Buy wire shelves for basement Completed
  • Hang wire shelves in basement Completed
  • Organize basement Completed for now
  • Buy plants for garden Done
  • Plant plants in garden Done
  • Return some things to Bed Bath & Beyond What a fun time that was
  • Buy new coffee table and end tables
  • Buy and use crab grass remover Not doing
  • Start EBay auctions for Nokia phone and video games
  • Mail Eric his games back
  • Get window screens from basement and put them on windows Completed
  • Try to fix the broken screen in the office Fixed
  • Buy a new screen for the window above the sink Updated: attempt to repair screen Repaired
  • Weed whack Completed
  • Hand wash the pans and plastic containers in the sink Done, but will need to be done again
  • Clean up the walkway leading to the front door Completed
  • Get the mower fixed Fixed 8/16
  • Mow the side yard Mow the whole yard Completed
  • Return cell phone to Target
  • Removed some weeds from the middle of the yard Completed
  • Emptied dishwasher Done, but damn does this happen a lot
  • Ordered flowers for Mom Happy Birthday Mom!
  • File bills/paperwork
  • Take pennies to Coinstar machine Done; used the money to buy a new mp3 player
  • Get replacement license plate for Max Ordered; should arrive in 2 weeks
  • Hang new shades
  • Stain new ottoman legs Completed
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