Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fantasy Baseball: Players I Own

I always end up have the same players on many of my teams. I try to avoid it, but my research always ends up pointing me at the same players. This year I did a little better in avoiding repetition:
  • Carlos Guillen: Tampa4, Work League (WL)
  • Albert Pujols: Nine Bo Jacksons (NBJ), Tampa4
  • Nick Markakis: Garrett Anderson (GA), Tampa4
  • Chris B. Young: GA, Tampa4
  • Josh Beckett: WL, Tampa4
  • Gil Meche: WL, Tampa4
  • Ted Lilly: GA, Tampa4
  • Brian Wilson: GA, Tampa4
  • Rich Harden: GA, Tampa4
Hmm, on second thought, my GA and Tampa4 teams are pretty similar. Those are the two leagues I paid the most attention to, so I guess I didn't really succeed in spreading my risk. Oh well.
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