Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Testing, Testing, Can You Hear Me Now?

My mother gave me her old Kindle Fire (first generation) a few months back, and I've been trying to find new ways to use it. I removed the default OS and installed Cyanogenmod (as it was the only mod I had any experience with). First, I just used it as a sort of phone extension; I'd read my RSS and reddit on it on the train. Then I started reading comics on it (Komik is a great app for that). But I got to thinking: shouldn't I be able to do more with a tablet?

So I looked into getting a keyboard case for it. Turns out, this became a far more complicated affair than I originally thought (I may detail this process in a future post). However, after much pain and suffering and swearing, I finally got a keyboard case working!

And, as you may have suspected, this post was authored entirely on the tablet. I hope that this will help me blog more, as I should be able to write stuff while on the train.

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