Monday, August 27, 2007

Fantasy Football

So this year I'm going to be in four fantasy football leagues. That's just ridiculous. But of course the hard part is actually coming up with four team names. I always start with my old standby, "Neosporin Squad", then I pick a new name based on either current events or players on my teams. I've stayed away from Michael Vick this year because it's too easy, so here's what I've got:

  • Brady Quinn's a Dick (my league)
  • You're The Man Now Dogs (work league)
  • Body by Mangini (coworker's outside of work league, three-player keeper)(also this came from Kissing Suzy Kolbert)
  • Pacman for Prez (friend's league)

I'm pretty unhappy about that last one; it may change after the draft.

Speaking of drafts, the first two leagues up there have drafted, and here are my teams:

Brady Quinn's a Dick (standard scoring, 12 teams):

  1. Laurence Maroney (10th overall, RB, NE)
  2. Steve Smith (15, WR, Car)
  3. Deuce McAllister (34, RB, NO)
  4. Carnell Williams (39, RB, TB)
  5. Deion Branch (58, WR, Sea)
  6. Matt Hasselbeck (63, QB, Sea)
  7. Kellen Winslow (82, TE, Cle)
  8. Devery Henderson (87, WR, NO)
  9. Santonio Holmes (106, WR, Pit)
  10. Alge Crumpler (111, TE, Atl)
  11. Jason Campbell (130, QB, Was)
  12. Brandon Marshall (135, WR, Den)
  13. Jason Elam (154, K, Den)
  14. Minnesota D (159, D, Min)
  15. Reuben Droughns (178, RB, NYG)

Pretty happy with this team, though I may have taken Cadillac too early (backup RB before second QB?).

You're the Man Now Dogs (very odd scoring, 1 backup per position required, special teams separate, 12 teams)

  1. Larry Johnson (11, RB, KC)
  2. Donovan McNabb (14, QB, Phi)
  3. Deuce McAllister (35, RB, NO)
  4. Anquan Boldin (38, WR, Ari)
  5. Plaxico Burress (59, WR, NYG)
  6. a. Jay Cutler (62, QB, Den), pick traded for
    b. Cadillac Williams (69, RB, TB)
  7. a. San Diego D (83, D, SD), pick traded for
    b. Santana Moss (76, WR, Was)
  8. Chad Pennington (86, QB, NYJ)
  9. Kellen Winslow (107, TE, Cle)
  10. Olindo Mare (110, TE, NO)
  11. Owen Daniels (131, TE, Hou)
  12. Neil Rackers (135, K, Ari)
  13. Jacksonville ST (155, ST, Jac)
  14. St. Louis D (158, D, STL)
  15. Houston ST (179, ST, Hou)
  16. Indianapolis D (182, D, Ind)

That draft pick trade threw this league into a tailspin. The veterans in this league have been doing it since long before computers, and they had outlawed all sorts of behavior we take for granted, like trades, waiver wire acquisitions, and draft pick trading. Also their scoring is screwy; every player gets 6 points for a TD of the type they're supposed to get, but 12 for any other way (RB rushing TD = 6 pts, RB receiving TD = 12 pts). Also QBs are heavily weighted, and interceptions are ignored.

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