Friday, September 21, 2007

Firion casts Sleep Lv. 5

My sleep schedule the past three nights:
  • Tuesday night: went to sleep around 10:30PM, getting 8:15 of sleep.
  • Wednesday night: went to sleep around 10:45, getting 8:00 of sleep.
  • Thursday night: went to sleep around 2:30AM, getting 4:15 of sleep.

Care to guess when I was most refreshed? If you guessed today (Friday), pat yourself on your back.

I prefer 6-7 hours of sleep for me, but 8 hours is not too much. So why did less sleep make me feel more rejuvenated?

I'll tell you why. I spent about 60 minutes studying fantasy sports, at least one hour playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (thanks Eric!), 30 minutes watching parts of South Park and Drawn Together, another 30 watching Cowboy Bebop, and maybe another 30 randomly browsing the web. Most importantly, I relaxed and allowed my conscious mind to take me to whatever pursuit I deemed interesting. It was better mental relaxation than sleep.

And it was awesome.

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