Monday, March 3, 2008

Just Jumping

We had our draft for our fantasy baseball work league this weekend. I wanted to try out a particular draft strategy of simply drafting the highest value player on the board. I did this for about 6 rounds before I had to abandon it, as my rankings told me to draft about 6 closers AFTER I'd already drafted J.J. Putz and Jonathan Papelbon. So I struggled for a few rounds until Jon gave me an idea... he was drafting only fat baseball players and suggested I get a gimmick.

So I looked at my roster and saw 11 players, four whose first names started with J. The next guy I was planning to draft was Jim Thome. So I decided to draft only players whose first name started with J. So I proceded to draft Jim Thome, James Loney, Joakim Soria, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jeff Francis, Jeremy Guthrie, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Bonderman, Jack Cust, Joey Votto, Jason Bartlett, Jon Lester, John Buck,  and Jay Bruce. Combine that with Jimmy Rollins, J.J. Putz, Jonathan Papelbon, and Justin Verlander, I had 18 out of 25 roster spots filled with Js. 

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