Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day; or, Time To Do Stupid Stuff All Day Long And Pretend That It's Really Funny

I'm sick and tired of April Fool's Day on the Internet. Why, you ask? Because everyone starts searching for what crazy stuff people will come up with this year. Oh, look at this, Blizzard introduced a new character for World of Warcraft! Google lets you send messages to the past! Thinkgeek is offering some ridiculous caffeinated robot nerf T-shirt. I feel like every website is like The Foreigner from Futurama episode Raging Bender:
"I am not from here! I have my own customs! Look at my crazy passport!"
Now Consumerist is doing a day long joke about becoming the "Conglomerist". OK WE GET IT, you can give up now.
(OK maybe I just wanted to work the Foreigner in really badly. But come on!)
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