Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BostonNow Shuts Down; Hundreds Cry

So yeah, the BostonNow newspaper is shutting down. Turns out it's for a totally retarded reason too; the Icelandic investors sold the company to another Icelandic investor, which is having trouble with deteriorating Icelandic economic conditions, so despite the BostonNow's profitability, the new Icelandic investors decided to shut down the American newspaper. 

I think I've made my point. 

But I'd like to take one last moment to enjoy the view from my BostonNow blog... I wrote this post in November of last year. Mostly I was just pissed about how I couldn't avoid hearing about Boston sports teams no matter where I went (in person, on TV, or online). Bob416, a good poster with whom I've had some good conversations, kind of put me in my place. I responded with a clarification and somewhat of an admission of incorrectness. 

Then, 5 months later, kmosher, a poster with no blog entries, decides to comment:

I am frustrated with people who complain publically about the sports coverage. It is the Public that keeps these teams going. If they do not advertise, commentate, speculate, etc. how is the public going to want to see/know about their team and whether they want to spend the money to see them. This is a business. For those that complain about "In-Your-Face" coverage? You obviously don't understand that this is a business. More coverage, positive or negative, keeps these teams playing, keeps their fans wanting to see them (fair-weather-or-not) and keeps the franchise going. No Advertising means no ticket sales means no team. Let's ralley[sic] and stop being so selfish. Geeze. Look beyond your little world. There are other things around you. If this is all you have to complain about, you are pretty lucky.
Ok, so clearly the guy is a little slow. He thinks he's smart, which is why he tries to pull the "you obviously don't understand" card. Sigh. He's probably one of those guys that when people say "I'm starving," he'll say, "You're not starving. Kids in Africa are starving. Quit your whining!" 

If I wanted to argue his point about news driving the franchise, I'd probably pull up some statistics showing that winning games (regular season, playoff series, and World Series) have the highest correlation with operating revenue. But I'm too busy in my little world to do that.

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