Monday, September 1, 2008

You'll Receive These Wonderful Parting Gifts!

Pat* gave me a going-away gift. He tried to deploy the latest version of our project via his deployment tool, but none of my changes were included. The conversation went something like this:
me: did you do a getlatest on the utils project before making 0.8.9? Because the code is throwing errors saying it's missing a method I added yesterday.
Pat: I got the latest for the entire solution
me: well the build doesn't work... it's missing at least 2 methods I checked in last night
Pat: what file is broken?
me: clsFile.vb and PSA.vb
Pat: the Files are identical, how can i replicate the error
me: maybe source control didn't actually get the latest for you
me: just load the application and you get the first one.
At this point I decided to get backup. I used the Reflector to confirm that my code was not present in the build he released. Yup, it's not there, and yup, it's in source control. Pat is having none of it.
Pat: That method is not there
Pat: and it's not in source control
Pat: the GetlastyearsAssessment
Pat: the method doesn't exist
Pat: why does VS even let that compile? that's weird too
me: it compiles because it's in the build! you just don't have the latest
Fighting just because. He finally realized the problem:
Pat: ok found it.
Pat: come over here
Sure enough, it was his problem; the deployment software he wrote had about 6 manual steps, and he messed up one of them.

But the moral of the story is Don't blame other people for things you don't understand.
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