Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 10: Booya

Last night I kicked ass. I called T-Mobile when I got home and spoke with a rep for about 15 minutes about my options. My plan is to collect competitors' offers, then come back to T-Mo with the offers and try to get them to flinch. Wish me luck.

Then I spent about 45 minutes working on my dev environment. I know this is taking way longer than it should, but I want to get it right. I have sqlite3 installed and working properly now (with a meaningful "create.sql" script); I just need to verify that RoR can connect to it and I'm ready to roll.

I credit my massive success to lack of distraction; rather than play FFVI on the subway home, I read my book. Once at home, I left the TV off (though I did blast FFVI music on my laptop). Without distractions, I rocked.

Date: 2/28/07
Status: Success
Project 1: Cell Phone dance
Time: 15 minutes
Project 2: Website
Time: 45 minutes
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