Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Been A Long Time, Getting From There to Here

So I missed a few posts. No excuse for Wednesday or Thursday. I spent this weekend in New Jersey with my family, so I excused myself for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So on Thursday I called my cell phone company back. The rep managed to give me a $20 credit towards a phone purchase, which finally tipped the deal. The rep told me I couldn't order the phone over the phone, but he would call the local stores to see if they had one. They did, so I went to the store that night to buy the phone. Booya!

Then on Friday I called back to get all the features activated. Now, all of a sudden, the rep is having trouble giving me the $3/month texting for free. So I escalate. The supervisor says he's never heard of this 'code' (they call all their plans codes, because they just put a code in their application). He says he'll file a ticket for his engineering team (think me, but working at a cell-phone company) and call me back on Tuesday (tomorrow). He also mentions a "buyer's remorse" program, which says that I can go back on everything within 14 days of purchase. If they can't give me the $3/month plan for nothing, then I'm out.

Date: 3/7/07 (Day 17)
Status: Failure

Date: 3/8/07 (Day 18)
Status: Success
Project: Cell-phone negotiations
Time: ~45 minutes

Dates: 3/9/07-3/11/07
Status: In NJ
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