Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As If iTunes Couldn't Anger Me Any More

I use iTunes for my music player on my computer mostly because it does the few things I want well (smart playlists, ratings, sharing). But I hate it. So bloated, always starting "iTunesHelper.exe" and "iPodService.exe", and cancelling a system shutdown if another user is connected to my share; the arrogance of Apple shines pretty brightly through iTunes for Windows.

But I found another punch in the face from Apple today. My iTunes stopped working for some reason or another. Fine, I'll repair the installation. No dice? OK, I'll install the latest on top. Still not working? Ok, I'll uninstall/reinstall. "You must reboot the system to put these changes into effect." Yeah yeah, "cancel", I know what I'm doing. But on installation, I get this:

iTunes Suckz


If you don't have an iPod (like me), iTunes is a music-player program. I don't know what the hell that is, but it's clearly not something I want going on for a basic MP3 player. Sucks.
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