Friday, January 4, 2008

Stupid XBox Wireless

I just briefly checked my Google Analytics and it seems that most of the people viewing this blog are looking for information about the XBox 360 Wireless Adapter and Verizon FiOS's ActionTec router. I don't have any more information about a potential fix; I emailed ActionTec again (since they were the only one of the three companies actually acknowledging the problem) and got the same form letter response. Great.

I did successfully nest my two wireless routers to allow me to get online with an open NAT. First I connected my 360 to my extra D-Link wireless router. I logged into the D-Link with my laptop, set the 360 to a static IP address, then made that IP address the DMZ. Then I plugged the D-Link's WAN port to the ActionTec's LAN, logged into the ActionTec, made the D-Link static and DMZ. Bam, open NAT and hello Halo 3.

A friend suggested an alternative to this that ideally would be even easier to set up. If I connected the D-Link's LAN to the ActionTec's LAN, then the two networks would be at the same level, and ideally you could use either wireless network to connect to the same network. I tried this, and for some reason the D-Link wasn't playing nice. To be fair, it was the cheapest wireless router I could find three years ago, so maybe if you have some better equipment, you'll have better luck. 

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