Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wires? We No Need No Stinking Wires!

I spent about two hours last night installing Slackware on my Celeron 350 Compaq. I got it booted up, everything working, fired up Lynx to verify that Apache was running, and was all set. "Allright," I said to myself, "now I just need to connect it to the network and I'll be in fat city!" I looked around the room for a network cable, and then said "... fuck" because my basement isn't wired. So here are my options:

  1. Snake a cable through the walls to the basement. Spend hours trying and end up in a corner crying.
  2. Install my wireless PCI card in the Compaq. Enjoy having multiple connected users cause multiple dropped connections.
  3. Bring the Compaq upstairs and hide it in the couch. Hope Annie doesn't notice the noise. 

So you see, I'm boned.

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