Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 1: Failure before Starting

Today is President's Day. I got it off from work. Annie (my fiance) and I had a few chores to do, including some shopping (I am one of those guys who enjoys the mall. Hey, I grew up in New Jersey, give me a break). I also had social video game plans for 9:30 PM (finishing Gears of War on insane difficulty with Ryan). So my plans for today were relatively modest, but more than the 30 minute goal:
  • Complete a practice GMAT test. Total time alloted for test: 2.5 hours
  • Work 30 minutes on my father's website.
I began the GMAT test around 1PM and got through the two 30-minute writing sections. Then Annie and I hit the mall. We returned around 8PM, and I managed to get another 30 minutes of the test in before my attention was lost forever. So I missed my daily goal, but hit my project goal, so I'll count this as a success.

Date: 2/19/07
Status: Success (based on original goals), Failure (based on the day's individual goal)
Project: GMAT prep
Time spent: ~90 minutes
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