Sunday, February 18, 2007


Hello readers! This blog is different from my other blog, "I'm Funny Once a Day", or IFOD. "I'm Productive Once a Day", or IPOD, is not intended to be funny. My goal is to post here daily.

What will I post? Well, here's the deal. I've struggled with being productive outside of a work or school environment since, oh, ever (I'll tell you the 3rd grade story later). I've tried financial incentives, social incentives, even flagelation... well not really. But the more I try, the more I end up playing Gears of War.

So gleaning some ideas from blogger Steve Pavlina and friends Eric and Brent, I've implemented a policy of modified time-boxing. Basically, my goal is to spend 30 minutes a day doing something productive. 

Now, let's define productive. First, here's what I do not include:
  • Household chores (since they need to be done anyway)
  • Work (because I am plenty productive at work and always have been)
  • Anything I need to do (for example, taking the car to get an oil change, or calling Bank of America to dispute a charge on my credit card)
  • Posting to this site.
Now, here's what I do include (N.B. this list is my current list):
  • Working on my website/learning RoR and CSS
  • Calling Microsoft to get my psuedo-broken XBox 360 fixed, and then shipping it to them
  • Calling T-Mobile to negotiate a new contact where they give me lots of stuff
  • Building a VBA app to create intelligent a fantasy baseball draft cheat sheet
  • Studying for the GMAT
  • Posting to IFOD
So, I will post my daily "productive" work here. Also, I will post various thoughts about being productive outside of work, and anything else. This blog is mostly for myself and my friends. Eventually I'll move this to my own site, but that may be a while.
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