Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 6: Early Worm Gets the Worm... or something like that

Bam. It's not even 2PM and I've already hit my goal. Booya.

More work on setting up my environment. Got Rails, Capistrano, RadRails, SQLite, and something else installed. Worked on getting it all working together. I'm missing a few pieces, and certainly not doing things in the right order (Capistrano? I don't even know her!) but I made progress. Next time I'll make sure Eric or Brent or John is online to help me get this shizzle working.

I do have one problem: my actual time accounting for this is a little vague... I worked for over two hours today on this stuff, but I was watching TV the whole time. It wasn't good TV, but it did reduce my overall efficiency. I'll be conservative and say 30 minutes.

Date: 2/24/07
Status: Success
Project: Website - development environment
Time: 30 minutes (120 minutes multitasking)
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