Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 2: Success in the face of failure

Tonight Annie's parents were over and are spending the night. This meant no Gears of War (as her dad stays up until like 2AM watching TV, and I'm really not comfortable slicing Locusts into two gory chunks with my chainsaw bayonet) so I had a good chance of getting some work done. I decided tonight was a good night to finish the GMAT prep test (as you're really supposed to do it all in one session).

I tried to complete the test in the kitchen (attached to the family room, where the other three were watching TV), but I was too distracted, so I bounced to the guest bedroom. I completed the test (completed each multiple-choice section in less than the 75 minutes given for each) and began work on the "diagnostic questions" in the GMAT test book I borrowed from best buddy Bill. I got about six math questions done in 20 minutes before Annie's mom wanted to go to sleep, which required me leaving the guest bedroom. So chalk up another success.

Date: 2/20/07
Status: Success
Project: GMAT prep
Time: ~70 minutes
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